Wine, Whisky and Champagne: Buy, Sell or Hold? With Gary Boom, Founder and CEO of Bordeaux Index

Episode 131,   Mar 14, 06:00 AM

In May 2021, we turned our attention to an investor dilemma – Should we view wine as a proper asset class? And how should we think about the wine industry, unmodernised for so long, but ripe for change!

A disrupter emerged in 1997, in the shape of Bordeaux Index, set up by Michael Spencer and Gary Boom.

In this conversation we learn about the shifting sands of supply and demand. We discuss global climate impact and some of its advantages for the wine industry.

We discuss wealth creation and the continued thirst for luxury wines, champagnes and whiskies.

Gary also explains where new and exciting wines are emerging, why he’s re-assessed the emerging English opportunity set, and how they’re embracing digital transformation via their new LiveTrade platform (which was rebranded & expanded this year).

Gary discusses the impact of their technology in helping bring liquidity and transparency to wine trading - reflecting on his previous life at ICAP - and why increasing numbers of investors are building portfolios in the wine & spirits world.

We then assess the key question; where might there be money to be made in this fast-evolving market?

And aside from the investment implications, who doesn’t like to sample lovely wine?! No one wants to finish their lives observing wistfully, as Ernest Hemingway once did, that “my only regret in life is that I didn’t drink more wine!”

NOTE - This episode was recorded in late 2023, prior to the re-launch of their LiveTrade product in early 2024.

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