#69 Should You Do Work For Free?

Episode 69,   Mar 14, 06:00 AM

Let's face it, there are always going to be pros and cons of working for free, especially during the early stages of a business.

Listen as I talk about my own experiences of working for free, and the transition to charging for discovery calls. I'll also discuss about the benefits of speaking at events with an ideal client base, even for less pay, and the importance of discerning which opportunities to accept.

Listen to hear:
  • Should you work for free?
  • Value of paid services
  • Working for free vs. perceived value
  • Navigating opportunities for exposure and the value of reciprocal services.
  • Challenges in determining fees for speaking engagements and establishing value in the speaker circuit.
  • Making conscious business decisions
  • Strategies for dealing with people who want to pick your brain for free and redirecting them to existing resources.

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