Season 3, Episode 5,   Mar 15, 12:00 PM

Immerse yourself in the intricate tapestry of the Wheel of Time as we unravel the mysteries and machinations of the Shadow Rising. In this episode, we explore Chapter 3, where Rand grapples with the aftermath of a harrowing night and the weight of destiny on his bloodied shoulders. 

🌌 "Reflections of Power and Peril" 🌌

Join your Pink-Eye Sedai and his Wolf Brothers for a deep dive into a world where reflections attack and unseen forces bubble up from the Pattern. As Rand leans on Callandor, he confronts the limits of his knowledge and the dangers of the One Power. Moraine's stern guidance clashes with his newfound resolve, revealing the precarious balance between control and chaos.

We dissect the subtle dynamics between Rand and his allies, the steadfast Aiel and the enigmatic Moraine. Listen as we discuss the implications of the forsaken's reach, the significance of Tav'eren, and the looming threats that encroach upon the Dragon Reborn's path.

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As the Pattern weaves its inexorable design, we invite you to pause, listen, and delve into the Shadow Rising with us. Turn up the volume and let the Wheel spin on Thank the Light: The Wheel of Time Podcast.

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