Femtech and Inclusive Fertility Care with Tess Cosad, Co-Founder & CEO of Béa Fertility

Season 3, Episode 35,   Mar 14, 10:40 AM

Paul and Will join Tess Cosad to explore the intersection of tech, inclusivity, and fertility care. Click here to listen to this episode of Tech Can’t Save Us.

Femtech is breaking new ground by extending its focus to include menopause and endometriosis, marking a shift from its traditional emphasis on fertility. Despite reaching over $1 billion in global VC investment in 2021, the sector faces criticism for not fully addressing broader health concerns affecting women and LGBTQ+ communities. How can femtech evolve to bridge these critical gaps in healthcare? Consider Béa Fertility, under Tess Cosad's leadership, which is pioneering inclusive, affordable fertility care with its innovative at-home Intracervical Insemination kit, challenging the traditional and costly routes to fertility treatment. Paul and Will team up with Tess Cosad to explore the intersection of technology, inclusivity, and fertility care in this episode of Tech Can't Save Us.