Season 2, Episode 9,   Mar 18, 05:00 AM

Cowering alone in the dark this week is writer Steve Lyons. The author of over thirty novels, plus radio plays, comic strips, short stories and non-fiction, he’s written for some of the best-known properties in geekdom including X-Men, Spider-Man, Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40K and Stargate. But you’re listening to a Doctor Who podcast so what you probably know him best for his work for the Virgin’s New and Missing Adventures, BBC Doctor Who books and some of the best audio Doctor Who adventures out there including Colditz and Blood of the Daleks for Big Finish.

Steve’s five choices are:

1. Dr. Who Annual 1966 – first published by World Distributors in September 1965.
2. The City of Death – TV episode – first broadcast on BBC1 in 1979.
3. The Five Doctors – TV episode – first broadcast on BBC1 in 1983.
4. The Happiness Patrol – TV episode – first broadcast on BBC1 in 1988.
5. Dr. Who and the Star Beast – comic story – first published in Doctor Who Weekly by Marvel UK in 1980.