Closing the Tech Gender Gap with Dora Palfi, Co-Founder & CEO of imagi

Season 3, Episode 36,   Mar 21, 10:59 AM

The tech industry has a lot of progress to make, despite modest improvement in women's participation. Dora Palfi aims to address this gap through innovative education technologies like imagi, focusing on making Python accessible and fun for girls. Click here to check out the conversation with her on Tech Can’t Save Us.

The tech industry's gender gap is slowly closing, with women's participation in tech roles in the UK and US showing marginal increases since the pandemic. Surprisingly, despite advancements, only a small fraction of tech leadership roles are held by women, and a significant gender pay gap persists. How can innovative education technologies like imagi, which focuses on making Python coding accessible and fun for girls, play a role in bridging this gap?

Dora Palfi shares insights into overcoming biases with AI-enhanced education and her journey in founding imagi to empower young women in tech. Paul and Will delve into these challenges and solutions in closing the tech gender gap with Dora Palfi on this episode of Tech Can't Save Us.