Radhika Gupta and Nalin Moniz from Edelweiss joining Aditya Joshi from Brookfield Asset Management

Mar 22, 11:36 PM

Welcome to another episode of Wharton India Economic Forum Podcast. In this episode, Aditya Joshi (Managing Partner at Brookfield Asset Management) host the wonderful Radhika Gupta and Nalin Moniz. Radhika is the MD & CEO, Edelweiss Mutual Fund , a Young Global Leader at WEF, and  Author of 'Limitless'. Her life partner, Nalin Moniz, is the Chief Investment Officer - Alternative Equity at Edelweiss Global Asset Management. 

Radhika and Nalin share some fascinating details about their journey before and after joining Edelweiss. They delve into the following themes:

• How to make the most of your time during your undergrad? 
• Doing the safe thing vs doing what you’re passionate about
• First job: Prioritize Brand, Salary & Title, or something else?
• Building a business for India and Bharat
• Advice for parents of girls
And much more!

Join us for this fascinating new episode!

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