Disappeared Kayaking on Guatemalan Lake: What Happened to Nancy Ng?

Mar 28, 08:00 AM

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Email Tobin Bradley – AmCitsGuatemala@state.gov 

Subject Line: E99 - Urgent: Assistance Required In Search For Nancy Ng 

Hello Mr. Bradley,

My name is ____, and I am writing to you on behalf of Nancy Ng’s entire family, who have gone months without answers regarding what happened to her on October 19, 2023, on Lake Atitlán. After kayaking out into the lake, she disappeared in an alleged drowning incident. The one and only person who witnessed Nancy’s drowning has been uncooperative, and there are now allegations that a bribe occurred to have her statement omitted from the police report. This person then left the country without aiding in search efforts and has refused to cooperate with the family and search teams.

It is my understanding that you have the power to escalate her case to the appropriate authorities in Guatemala because, as it stands, little is being done to investigate her disappearance. Please help her and her family.

I am asking that you please:
- Request that Guatemalan authorities ask U.S. officials, such as the FBI, for assistance in this investigation. The United States has resources that would prove incredibly valuable to this investigation, as well as in the search for Nancy’s body.
- Facilitate a conversation between the Ng family and someone in Guatemala who is actively working the case. Currently, their family has been ignored by the prosecutor. Please help connect them with someone with more information regarding the status of Nancy’s case.
- Lastly - I am asking that you please not forget that Nancy was human. She was a sister, a daughter, a teacher, and a friend. All her loved ones want is to know what happened and to bring her home to lay her to rest. Their patience has been taken advantage of and it’s time someone stepped up to escalate the situation for them.

Please consider taking action swiftly. Thank you. 

Sample Tweets:

I am requesting that @MinexGt please ask U.S. officials for assistance in the search for Nancy Ng. U.S. resources will be crucial and valuable for helping solve Nancy's suspicious disappearance.

Please help escalate the suspicious disappearance of Nancy Ng! @MinexGt needs to request US assistance immediately to move this case forward and get the proper resources in action.

I am urgently requesting that @MPguatemala respond to and cooperate with Nancy Ng's family, as they have been left in the dark regarding Nancy's suspicious disappearance. Please take action immediately, starting with working with the family.

Nancy Ng's family has gone 3+ months without a response from @MPguatemala, the prosecutor's office in charge of the investigation into her suspicious disappearance. Enough is enough. Please respond to their family and take the steps necessary to keep this case moving forward.

Please help escalate the case of #NancyNg in Guatemala! Cooperation between Guatemala and the U.S. is crucial to getting answers @usembassyguate

What happened to #NancyNg and how is @usembassyguate helping? Please help the Ng family by escalating her case to the proper authorities!

I am requesting that @usembassyguate please ask Guatemalan authorities to seek U.S. assistance in the investigation into the disappearance of Nancy Ng. Their resources would be valuable to solving her suspicious disappearance.

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