Democracy, Social Media, and the World’s Biggest Election Year with Sahar Massachi, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Integrity Institute

Season 3, Episode 37,   Mar 28, 01:02 PM

Paul and Will team up with Sahar Massachi to discuss the dangers, challenges, and solutions in safeguarding online democracy in a world rife with AI deepfakes and political misinformation.

In the world's most significant election year, social media faces is struggling to safeguard democracy, with soaring political ad spend and peaking geopolitical tensions. The advent of generative AI has brought in new problems, with rising concerns over deepfakes and other forms of digital impersonation. How can tech companies and governments counter these threats to maintain democratic processes? Sahar Massachi's insights from his tenure at Facebook to co-founding the Integrity Institute reveal both hurdles and hopeful strategies for a more secure online democracy. Paul and Will explore the intricate relationship between democracy, social media, and emerging technologies in this episode of Tech Can't Save Us.