Episode 460 | Free Kill | We Love Hip Hop Podcast

Apr 08, 07:00 AM

Another banger episode here with a lot of jokes this week! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

00:00 Boxing gym catches lawsuit
01:29 Being the best podcast & how
04:06 Solar Eclipse
11:47 Intro music (Beef lessons)
22:06 Introduction
23:51 Sponsor shouts outs & announcements
33:37 Diamond Club Ad
34:04 Was the J.Cole track fire
01:05:26 Fresh gets woman pregnant
01:20:55 Steamin Hotgrabba Ad
01:21:15 New lyrical Toronto music
01:32:24 DamnHomie crashes out on No Jumper
01:57:49 Trippie Red finds out he's NOT the father
02:08:07 Outro

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