DJ GlibStylez - The INFAMOUS Boom Bap Soul Mixshow Vol.192

Episode 192,   Apr 09, 01:22 AM

I present to you.. Vol.192 of the INFAMOUS Boom Bap Soul Mix Series! DON'T FORGET TO HIT THAT FAVORITE BUTTON!! As always the vibes are underground, experimental, chill, soulful, lo-fi boom bap beats & treats! SEE TRACKLIST in comment section and PLEASE SHOW THESE ARTISTS SOME LOVE on social media, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify & ITunes! Salute to everyone that supports this mix series! If you're feeling the vibes FAVORITE REPOST & SHARE this mix! Direct link to previous episodes to this mix series:
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  1. DJ GlibStylez x Reese Tanaka - BBS Intro 2023
  2. E.Smitty x Watkinz Da General - Night At Kamakazi
  3. Rents Due - First of the Month
  4. Oliver Rees - Another Fool
  5. chordandjocks - Break
  6. Shaw Calhoune - No Voicemail (Prod. by 3rd Eye cuts by DJ Skruff)
  7. FINALE - Unlike Most
  8. Sankofa - Gorbachev Rorschach (ft. Jeff Spec)
  9. Common x Pete Rock - Tryin
  10. Grupo HNE (DJ Heron x DJ Exes x Nando) - Dope Sick (ft. DeeSoulLopez x Str8 Paper)
  11. J Shiltz - The Latest (ft. Rel McCoy)
  12. Ziz x GlibStylez - Chedda (feat. Heir Wallace & E. Smitty)
  13. F.Y.I. - Squeeeze Remix (feat. Cilo)
  14. HAJÉ - See U Again
  15. D.R.U.M.S. RUGGED - Unorthodox (ft. EC Breeze x Tony Scarbrough) [Prod. by Original Soul]
  16. Figub Brazlevič x Man Of Booom - Catch The Beat (Figub Brazlevič Remix)
  17. Revorg Records - Forty2wo C-Ras Remix (ft. DJ ZipZap)
  18. Werdperfect - Immortals (ft. Copywrite) [Prod. by Kickdrums]
  19. Cant Be Copied - Beatastic
  20. Tayong - 1994
  21. 60 East - Soul Fly (ft. Blu x Sa-Roc)
  22. Awon x Parental - Memory Image (ft. Anti-Lilly)
  23. Rockwelz - The Hustle (ft. Royal Flush)
  24. Sela Ninja - Take A Breath Cypher (ft.John D, Defi Ant, B Balance)
  25. Lerics Dalyricist - A Dream (ft. DJ Decepta)
  26. Wych Hazle x Watkinz Da General - Tap In
  27. H4z4rdous - Band Of Merry Men (ft. Swamp Thing [Prod. by K.O. Strat]
  28. Nick Mack - The Oats
  29. Rob Gonzales x DJ Proof - Here's To You
  30. Dusty x As Valet - Mobb Deep Temperature's Rising (Dusty revisited)
  31. Thought Provokah - Expensive Thrifts (Prod. by Ganesboro)
  32. K. Dero x Whichcraft - My Lady Of Bushwick
  33. Isis Aset - Both Got Hands (Prod. by Sinamatik)
  34. Jason Famous Beats - Teacher's Pet (ft. MCWHITEOWL x Feral Serge x Emskee)