A Killing On The Hill w/ Robert Dugoni

Season 19, Episode 43,   Apr 09, 08:00 AM

True Crime Tuesday presents A Killing On The Hill with Researcher/Author, Robert Dugoni!

A Killing On The Hill is Dugoni’s first historical novel, a true crime thriller set in 1930s Seattle during Prohibition and the Great Depression.  The book was inspired by a real-life shooting at a notorious nightclub on Profanity Hill. The victim is Frankie Ray, a former prizefighter, and his accused killer is the club’s owner and mobster George Miller (George Moore in real life), who claims he pulled the trigger in self-defense. The crime, investigation, and ensuing criminal trial had the entire city transfixed, and competing newspapers raced against each other to land the biggest scoop on each development. 

Dugoni learned about the case after discovering scrapbooks filled with articles about the shooting, arrest and trial collected by his wife’s grandfather, who was a local attorney at the time. Through those dozens of articles, books on the historical period, and with the help of an enthusiastic librarian at the Seattle Public Library, Dugoni immersed himself in the time and place, studying the details of the boarding houses, speakeasies, gambling establishments, and houses of prostitution of the 1930s. He was shocked by the dichotomy of unemployed men and their families living in cardboard shacks and starving in Hoovervilles, alongside gangsters who opened opulent private nightclubs in mansions, where wealthy and prominent members drank, gambled, and danced.

Bob Dugoni joins TCT today to talk about the book, it's true life characters, the city of Seatlle at the time the book is written, and why it is so easy to be forgotten in the sands of time, and why we strive so hard to be remembered... 

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