Children of the Corn: Genesis with K. Thor Jensen

Episode 226,   Apr 10, 08:00 AM

Writer, editor, and cartoonist K. Thor Jensen has been summoned onto The Kingcast to help cover the prestigious King-related title that is 2011's Children of the Corn: Genesis. We are deep into the Corn Boys catalogue now, my lovelies, and this particular installment is perhaps one of the more bizarre entries in the Dimension Films direct-to-video era, featuring Kelen Coleman's muddy feet, a psychic corn child, delightful character actors Billy Drago and Duane Whitaker, actual footage from Michael Bay's Bad Boys 2, and some of the most confounding writing to ever appear in a low budget genre sequel. Brace yourselves for this one, folks.

A young couple find themselves trapped in the middle of nowhere with a creepy old dude, his mail order Ukrianian wife, and a disturbing child locked up in a shed. This is, unbelievably, the eighth entry into the Children of the Corn franchise and there are still more to go after this one.