Design Your Own Stephen King Video Game with Alyssa Mercante

Episode 227,   Apr 17, 08:00 AM

Kotaku's Alyssa Mercante joins Wampler and Vespe for an interesting thought experiment: What would you do if you could design your own Stephen King video game? Would you make a AAA giant budget title or something smaller and more indie? You have the entire Stephen King oeuvre at your disposal, what do you do? Alyssa kicks things off with her pitch, Vespe follows, and Wampler closes the loop. All radically different, all something we'd actually play if it existed. Come play with us!

We sometimes break the Kingcast's usual format and this episode is one of those. Hey, we've been at this for four years, we gotta stretch our legs from time to time. Thankfully the Kingcast boys love video games almost as much as they love Stephen King and with that a beautiful idea was born.