Bram Stoker: Father Of Dracula w/ Dacre Stoker

Season 19, Episode 45,   Apr 11, 09:15 AM

Darkness Radio presents: Bram Stoker: Father Of Dracula with Researcher/Author/Filmmaker, Dacre Stoker!

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of the most successful novels in history. The tale of the evil Count has thrilled and fascinated people since its publication in 1897. 
The novel has never been out of print and has been translated into thirty languages and sold in over a hundred and twenty countries worldwide. Count Dracula is now regarded as one of the most famous fictional characters in history. 
The image of the undead vampire as a symbol of evil is now firmly embedded in our collective consciousness, thanks to Stoker. Paradoxically, Dracula has also become a symbol of forbidden lust thanks to the later portrayals of the character by Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, and Frank Langella. 
But what of Bram Stoker, the man behind the creation? Sadly, he left no autobiography and precious little first-hand source material for us to better understand his life and inspirations for his writing of Dracula. 
However, by examining his private journals, notes, and the memories of those who knew him we can piece together an account of his life and learn much about the man who became the father of Dracula.
Dacre Stoker Joins Darkness Radio today to describe how he, filmmaker Jason Figgis. and author and screenwriter, John West are putting together that documentary of Bram Stoker's life titled, "Father Of Dracula". Stoker also tells us how we can help get  it to the finish line through a 60 day crowdsourcing campaign through  Indiegogo!

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