Insurtech & Reproductive Health Insurance with Ambra Zhang & Sam Pratt, Co-Founders of Juniper

Season 3, Episode 39,   Apr 11, 10:39 AM

Paul and Will team up with Juniper co-founders Ambra Zhang and Sam Pratt in discussing the emergence of specialised healthcare insurance models in this episode of Tech Can't Save Us.

Insurtech is poised to narrow the gender health gap. Companies like Juniper have raised millions in pre-seed funding to offer reproductive healthcare insurance. Founders Ambra Zhang and Sam Pratt highlight the overlooked niche of high-frequency, moderate-cost healthcare, touching on a range of conditions including contraception, STD testing, and reproductive organ cancers. 

How will this focus on reproductive health transform employee well-being and corporate responsibility? Paul and Will discuss the emergence of specialised insurance models like Juniper's in addressing the comprehensive health needs of employees in this episode of Tech Can't Save Us.