Doctor Who (3.10 - Blink) (2007)

Season 5, Episode 7,   Apr 11, 03:56 PM

Shift into gear, time travelers, and brace yourselves for a journey into the heart of sci-fi nostalgia with this episode of Time Pop! 🌀📺

🚀 "The Weeping Angels Take Manhattan: A Doctor Who Deep Dive" 🚀

Join Desmond McNeese and Scott Lifton as they venture into the beloved universe of "Doctor Who" with the critically acclaimed episode "Blink." This isn't your typical Time Lord adventure – it's an episode that's light on the Doctor but heavy on the time-bending thrills, featuring the eerie and iconic Weeping Angels.

Carrie Mulligan stars as Sally Sparrow in this Doctor Who-lite episode, where statues move in the blink of an eye and messages transcend time. We dissect the paradoxes, the bootstrap conundrums, and the surprisingly philosophical implications of being zapped back in time. 🗿⏳

As Desmond and Scott peel back the layers of this fan-favorite episode, they grapple with the ethical dilemmas posed by the show and question the effectiveness of DVD Easter eggs as a narrative device. From the haunting "Don't blink" warning to the peculiar time loop that ensnares every character, we explore how "Blink" stands out in the Whovian canon and why it's cited as one of the series' best despite its unusual detachment from the titular hero.

🎙 Listener Debate: Is it better to be sent back in time against your will or to face a more traditional demise? And does "Blink" truly deserve its place in the pantheon of great time travel stories? Email us your thoughts at and join the temporal discussion.

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🕒 Episode Chapters

(00:00) Scott Lifton: Podcasting about time travel in pop culture
(00:32) The challenge of diving into Doctor Who for non-fans
(02:39) Analyzing "Blink" - the Doctor Who episode with a time travel twist
(07:14) The ethical questions raised by the episode's time travel mechanics
(09:54) The unique use of DVD Easter eggs in the narrative
(11:10) The Weeping Angels as an innovative time travel antagonist
(15:26) The bootstrap paradox and its implications in "Blink"
(18:54) The emotional impact of characters being sent back in time
(22:41) The role of Sally Sparrow and her influence on the Doctor's timeline
(24:08) The episode's place in Doctor Who history and its legacy
(28:47) Listener engagement - sharing thoughts on time travel conundrums
(32:43) Patreon shoutout and perks for supporting Time Pop
(35:49) Exploring more podcasts on the Sounds Awesome Network
(36:35) Wrapping up the episode with final thoughts and ratings


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