Season 2, Episode 10,   Apr 15, 04:00 AM

Chowing down on raw rat-meat now the rations have run out this week is artist Libby Reed. Known in Doctor Who fandom as Tea Dalek, we at Cutaway Comics are blessed to have her working on our forthcoming Iris Wildthyme one-shot comic, which forms part of the Gods And Monsters saga.

Libby’s five choices are: 
1. Dalek (TV episode, 2005) 
2. The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances (TV episode, 2005) 
3. The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (TV episode, 2006) 
4. Heaven Sent (TV episode, 2015) 
5. Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks (TV episode, 2007).