Inventing Reasons To Watch Franklin

Episode 507,   Apr 17, 09:00 AM

Krystal Farmer's back for Apple TV's take on a founding father, plus a Justified Canon submission and more!

It's yet another expensive-looking and ambitious limited series from Apple TV+ -- this time, Franklin, starring Michael "Gordon Gekko" Douglas as the flatulence-forward inventor of electricity. Is this limited series focused on the wrong thing? Is Franklin as a colonial weirdo better in smaller doses? And why isn't there more farting? Later, we went Around The Dial with Loot's second season, Top Chef's Wisconsin season, and Carol & The End of the World, and then we took cover for an incoming Canon pitch about the Justified S01 finale. Cold Case won, Billy Joel fans lost, and Tara ran the numbers with us in a non-regulation Game Time. Pin a scale-model tall ship to your head and get ready for an all-new Extra Hot Great!


👤 Krystal Farmer


Lead Topic: 🪁 Franklin

Around The Dial: 👑 Loot

Around The Dial: 🤯 Carol & The End of the World

Around The Dial: 🔪 Top Chef

The Canon: 🤠 S01.E13: Bulletville

Winner & Loser: 🥶 Cold Case

Winner & Loser: ğŸŽ¹ Billy Joel

Game Time: 💯 Keeping Everything 100


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🪙 Krystal Farmer's podcast, Two Cents Plus Tax

🤫 Anne Hathaway quieting a crowd in Italy

👑 Tara's Loot S02 review at Cracked

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📷 Photo: Apple


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