Rob Lipsett inspired me to become a coach

Episode 32,   Apr 17, 02:12 PM

Rob has turned his love for food and exercise into a decade long career, so far! He has built an online audience of over a million followers across all his platforms - but YouTube is what he’s most known for - Rob is a big reason I’m a coach today he taught me so much! Rob was one of the first YouTubers in Ireland back in 2015 to start making videos, teaching people about nutrition and exercise in layman’s terms, before the internet became saturated with coaches, like it is today. 

He has become so successful, from when I first began watching him all those years ago, making clips in his old house in Dublin that he shared with other people 😅 and where he worked on building his passion into a career. He was able to buy a home in Marbella just recently, where he now currently lives and still makes his YouTube videos ! He travels all around the world, owns his own protein pancake company, Fuel Cakes , is an ambassador for global gym clothing brand Alphalete  , and also supplement brand Ghost supplements , he's a best selling author, I have his book ! But above all he’s still a coach today and still absolutely loves it ! He’s a shining example of what happens when you choose to chase your passion , So let’s get into it and hear his story.