Confidence - With Lydia from The 444 Agency - Part 1

Season 2, Episode 16,   Apr 18, 12:30 AM

For this week's episode we're focusing on all things confidence, the belief you can have in yourself, and the things that you are truly worthy of (because you are worthy, whether you like it or not!)

Taking us all on the journey is an awesome confidence and manifestation life coach, Lydia from The 444 Agency, who is growing in her own following every day, currently sitting on a cool 72,000 followers as I write this. 

Lydia lays out what manifestation is, what the law of attraction is, what affirmations are, what EFT techniques are, and she does it in a way that is present and relevant to today's world to help you get over mental hurdles like imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs. 

Lydia shares her methods in everything from from therapy to breathwork to tapping. She gets into how vital it is to line up how you see yourself with where you want to go, cut out the negativity that weighs you down and get affirming the beliefs that make you better. 

We discuss how to rewire your brain, boost your self-esteem, and give your journey a leg up towards whatever goals you want to set yourself, whether they're in business or whether they're personal (because 9 times out of 10, the two overlap in this entrepreneur world). 

This chat is a goldmine for anyone ready to master their manifestation, anyone that's ready to boost their confidence and really transform what it is they're trying to do with their life. 

Have a little listen to the tips that she gives and the journey that I have gone through in this very area, showing you what is achievable from someone who is in your shoes. 

If you're new to this whole law of attraction thing or manifestation, and you're looking to improve yourself, what Lydia and I do in this episode is lay out the groundwork of what needs to be achieved in order for you to do that. 

So don't miss out. Lydia is changing the game when it comes to confidence and manifestation. Let's get going. I'll see you in there.

And just for the lolz and the bantz, we throw in the usual blend of bad jokes and good wisdom.



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