Melissa in the Morning: A Wild Goose Chase

Apr 18, 01:37 PM

Bristol residents flocked to a city hall meeting to voice their concerns about a proposed geese mitigation plan. The Bristol Board of Park Commissioners was considering a management plan that would authorize both lethal and non-lethal measures to deter the animals at city-owned parks and properties. It comes after the city reportedly received 115 emails and 40 calls about the plan in recent days. And a lot of WICC listeners also weighed in on the controversy around handling massive geese populations all over Connecticut. We got to the crux of the issue and possible solutions to thin populations or move geese out of public parks and cemeteries without euthanizing them. Gregg Dancho of the Beardsley Zoo shared that information and talked about Party for the Planet this weekend at the zoo ahead of Earth Day. For more information:

Image Credit: Getty Images