Ripley's Invincible Fallout

Episode 353,   Apr 19, 07:00 AM

Hello dear listeners! The weather is changing and the boys are in the mood to talk pop culture!

In this episode, they dish the dirt on the pop culture items that piqued their interest. Kicking off the conversation the boys turn on Amazon Prime and slip into the video game world coming to life in Fallout. From there they skim through the UI and turn on season 2 of Invincible before doing a reality show competition round-up. They cover Top Chef season 21, Drag Race UK vs The World 2, The Challenge All Stars, and more. The final topic on the agenda has the boys loading up Netflix and chatting about Ripley. Listeners, have you enjoyed any of the topics discussed on the show? The boys want to hear about it!

Check out Joshua Yehl's story and GFM:

Sit back and get ready to FLAME ON! 

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