Episode 464 | 2024 Twenty Twenty War | We Love Hip Hop Podcast

Apr 22, 07:00 AM

Drake drops ANOTHER one the night before this episode so we definitely got motion again! Plus we test out our new studio! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

00:00 Podcast wars are happening
01:27 Intro music
03:49 Kendrick's music don't hit the same right now
05:10 Introduction
08:37 Salute the sponsors
09:35 Live show recap
10:29 Drake drops another Kendrick diss in 2pac & Snoop AI
32:49 Diamond Club Ad
33:16 Chris Brown goes at Quavo
01:04:30 Steamin Hot Grabba Ad
01:04:51 Shyne admits to Diddy doing the shooting in 1999
01:13:01 DJ Akademiks interviews Donald Trump Jr
01:21:29 Toronto Airport Gold Heist was an inside job
01:39:41 Wrap up

Intro Music
Drake Taylor Made Freestyle https://youtu.be/6wJQABFc0XM
Kendrick Lamar ft Drake Poetic Justice https://open.spotify.com/track/2P3SLxeQHPqh8qKB6gtJY2?si=a1b6abe5235e48ff

Big thanks to B3 from Utopia Records Studio https://www.instagram.com/utopiarecordsca/
Thanks to Diamond Club: https://www.instagram.com/diamondclub_905/
Steamin Hot Grabba: https://www.instagram.com/steaminhotgrabba/