Sonia on 20 years of change in breast cancer

Season 5, Episode 10,   Apr 26, 08:00 AM

Breast Cancer Now trustee Sonia talks about the changes in the 20 years since her breast cancer diagnosis.

In this episode, Laura talks to Sonia, member of the board of trustees at Breast Cancer Now.

Sonia speaks about her diagnosis of breast cancer and how it affected her personally and professionally. She tells Laura about how she believed black women don't get breast cancer, back when she was diagnosed in 2004, and how she works to improve diversity and awareness. Sonia also champions the importance of early detection of breast cancer and describes the promising research into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in breast screening.

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Key Topics:
0:24 Laura introduces Sonia
1:00 Sonia talks about being diagnosed with breast cancer
11:30 20 years on from a breast cancer diagnosis
15:49 Not realising that black women could get breast cancer
21:06 Telling an employer about a breast cancer diagnosis
24:53 How Sonia's co-workers reacted to her cancer
28:05 Becoming a trustee at Breast Cancer Now
30:28 Equality for people of colour
38:44 The potential of AI in breast cancer
41:05 Tips for discussing a cancer diagnosis with an employer
48:52 Tips for employers who have an employee with cancer
51:26 What needs to change in breast cancer?
53:17 Final thoughts