Carolyn Wilman: Extraordinary manifesting, Helene Hadsell's winning legacy

Apr 27, 07:04 PM

S - Select it.
P - Project it.
E - Expect it.
C - Collect it.
- Helene Hadsell's winning recipe.

The "Name it and Claim it" game. - How to be a winner at the game of life. - Helene Hadsell

"The hardest part to overcome is the feeling of lack or scarcity. Also be careful you are not trying to manifest from a place of feeling if you have this thing/experience you will then be enough. You have to feel abundant and whole before manifesting. Practice on small items first and slowly get bigger." - Carolyn Wilman, Source: Winning a House/YouTube

I was fortunate to interview Helene when I started podcasting. Mid 2000 something. I first read about Helene on Joe Vitale's blog.
"Helene is fascinating. She personally knew many of the great teachers of the New Thought Movement, from prolific prosperity author Joseph The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Murphy to Silva Mind Control creator Jose Silva to the mystical founder of Eckankar, Paul Twitchell. Helene is delightfully fearless. She calls it the way she sees it, even if what she sees is invisible." - Joe Vitale's Blog  This is a 2nd reference to Helene.

Carolyn and I connected because of Helene. She plans to celebrate what would have been Helene's 100th birthday - in June 2024.

Bio: Carolyn Wilman loves teaching others about Mindset, Marketing, and how to WIN! (both in life & sweepstakes.)

As a Digital Marketer—under the banner of her agency Idea Majesty—Carolyn provides viral marketing programs that help companies in different industries maximize their promotional budgets while increasing their loyal customer bases.

Destined to help others live out their potential, Carolyn founded a publishing company—Words For Winning—that purchases publishing rights from out-of-print authors and thought leaders. She then updates and reintroduces their books to a new generation of readers.

To date, she has re-published all of Helene Hadsell's books. Helene was famous for winning every prize she ever desired, including a fully furnished home. Carolyn has also purchased the rights to many of Drs. Tag & Judith Powell's books. Interestingly, Tag was Helene's second publisher and an author in his own right.

Additionally, Carolyn is a Sweepstakes Teacher and is known as—The Contest Queen—she also wrote two award-winning books, You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter and How To Win Cash, Cars, Trips & More! Her proven online entry system has helped others win more than $1M in cash and prizes.

Contest Queen: YouTube.
We mention Carolyn's road trip. More details on that. "At the end of March I drove through 18 states in 12 days":

Joe Vitale - Mr. Fire: "Contesting: The Name It and Claim It Game, the best book ever written on using mind power to win contests and get lucky. That book changed my life, as well as the lives of about 3,000,000 others." Link.

Carolyn's interview with Helene - from 2008. YouTube. Helene talks about researching thought energy and seeing in other dimensions. Fascinating and insightful conversation.  

Wendy's Blog: