AN 7.59 - 7.64 Undeclared Points Part 2

May 01, 05:25 PM

AN 7.59 Venerable Kimbila asks the Buddha the reasons for the long-lasting of Buddhism after the Buddha’s demise.
AN 7.60 Qualities required for arahantship.
AN 7.61 Before his awakening, Moggallāna is struggling with sleepiness in meditation. The Buddha visits him and gives seven ways to dispel drowsiness, and other important teachings.
AN 7.62 The incalculable benefits of merit that last for many aeons.
AN 7.63 Anāthapiṇḍika’s home was in an uproar due to the badly behaved Sujātā, newly wedded to one of his sons. The Buddha speaks to her on the different kinds of wives.
AN 7.64 When someone is angry, they wish ill upon their enemy, and are disappointed if they do well. This sutta includes a powerful set of verses.