AN 7.69 - 7.74 the Great Chapter Part 2

May 10, 05:31 PM

AN 7.69 The blossoming of the Shady Orchid Tree delights the gods of the Thirty-Three, and in the same way, the renunciation of a Buddhist ascetic is delightful.
AN 7.70 Sāriputta reflects on what a mendicant should revere in order to develop the wholesome. He reports to the Buddha that these things are indeed found in himself.
AN 7.71 Liberation doesn’t happen because you wish for it, but because you develop the path.
AN 7.72 It would be better for a monk to embrace a blazing fire than to lie with a maiden.
AN 7.73 There have been many great teachers in the past, who should not be reviled. But reviling a single noble disciple is even more serious.
AN 7.74 Araka was a famous teacher long ago, when the life span was much greater than today. Nevertheless, he still taught impermanence; how much more is it relevant today!