Looking For A Third

Episode 119,   May 02, 10:00 PM

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This week, Brooke and Connor break down their favorite moments from Challengers (mini spoiler alert) and whether it’s better to be book smart or street smart. Plus, Brooke explains how she almost got scammed, while Connor explains that fishy smell…

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Hosted by Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, Created by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, and Produced by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood.

0:00 Registering Your Car
1:02 Intro
1:23 Brooke Is Feeling Defeated
6:40 Boom Boom Pow Is Magic
10:50 Lume
12:57 Where Is Fergie?
14:38 Connor Smells Fishy
18:30 Connor’s New Look
19:53 Bring Back Random
21:02 The Olden Days of Yore
23:39 Field of Greens
24:46 Birthday Discourse
26:22 Indifference vs Hate
29:35 Words of the Day
31:27 New Packing Peanuts
33:01 State Farm
35:16 The Streets Are Calling
40:25 New BNC Word 
41:08 Tiger Woods’ Scandal
45:40 Booking.com
46:40 The Talking Tree
48:22 Responding to Comments
53:13 John Legend’s Real Name
53:59 The New Jesus Movie
56:49 Obama On Smartless
1:01:05 Tony Nominations 
1:01:57 Challengers Movie Recap!!!
1:11:34 See You In Bonus!!!