Fran on the benefits of exercise with cancer

Season 5, Episode 11,   May 10, 08:00 AM

Cancer exercise specialist Fran talks about how exercise can help body and mind, during and beyond a breast cancer diagnosis.

In this episode, Laura talks to Fran, a cancer exercise and rehabilitation specialist.

Fran speaks about her diagnosis of secondary breast cancer at the age of just 25 years old. She tells Laura about how she got back to exercising in incredible time after her surgery, and talks about the importance of 'prehab' before treatment. Fran also describes the work she does with other cancer patients focusing on exercise and strength-training, and lists the benefits of physical activity not only on the body, but also the mind.

You can train with Fran at One Step Training, or follow her on Instagram @franwhitfield

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Key Topics:
0:24 Laura introduces Fran
1:29 Fran's breast cancer diagnoses
5:13 How Fran dealt with an alarming prognosis
7:32 Self-advocating for your health
8:32 Dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis during the COVID-19 pandemic
11:01 Side effects of treatment
13:38 Fran's background in fitness
17:39 Managing an eating disorder with breast cancer
25:01 Continuing exercise throughout chemotherapy and other treatment for breast cancer
34:43 Fran's work as a cancer exercise specialist
40:02 How Fran blamed her body for breast cancer
41:34 The mental health benefits of exercise and training
43:03 Fran explains 'one step training'
45:51 The role of exercise in reducing recurrence of breast cancer
49:08 How can anyone begin to do physical training?
55:57 What needs to change in breast cancer?