Interview: Nat Kringoudis (The Next Step)

Season 6, Episode 273,   May 14, 08:00 PM

This episode of The Next Step is with Nat Kringoudis. It’s the episode where Katherine FINALLY gets to talk about both ice baths and fasting. Fasting can be problematic for some people so if you feel like food restriction discussions are triggering, maybe sit this one out.
Nat Kringoudis is a health care practitioner, she’s also a two times best selling author, Speaker and all-round natural fertility expert.  She’s the founder of Melbourne women’s health clinic, The Pagoda Tree and host of The Wellness Collective podcast.

Nat is one of those people that’s consistently ahead of the curve. She does a lot of self-experimentation when it comes to health (as discussed in this episode) and has a huge following on social media – if you’re an Instagram person definitely follow her. In addition to health stuff, Nat also talks about how she's built an audience and  businesses around that audience.  

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