May 19, 06:31 PM

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Tyson Fury is undefeated no more and seems to have gotten his brains scrambled worse than I even thought, plus Hall & Oates are truly finished and the Mets had another meltdown, so let's cheer things up by talking WRESTLING.  Vince McMahon gave his side of the story this week on those explicit text messages with Janel Grant while WWE filed a motion on their own and the one thing this all hinges on... Dana White teases WWE and UFC running shows on the same weekend, and what that means for the future of Saturday WWE PLEs... Saudi Arabia not only wants a Royal Rumble or WrestleMania, now they have a DATE for it?... predictions for WWE KING AND QUEEN OF THE RING... Ivar clears up confusion about his health status and Meltzer is in the mud again... one of the most DELUSIONAL things I've ever heard from Brian Gewirtz concerning the infamous first Rock and Cody Rhodes segment... AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING PREDICTIONS, including a new pairing for Mercedes Mone and the absurdity of AEW allowing Darby Allin to work an Anarchy in the Arena match... AEW Dynamite ratings continue to slide at the worst possible time for Tony Khan, and how TNT losing the NBA is likely to affect the company... Ricky Starks has NO IDEA why he's been off AEW television, but I have a feeling I know why... and YOUR QUESTIONS, including one listener calling Sammy Guevara "useless", a HOT TAKE on the pending Uncle Howdy faction, why WWE has blacklisted Enzo Amore and could he come back, the greatest secondary title run in wrestling history, Triple H's role during the invasion had he not gotten hurt and a replica belt discussion!

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