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Episode 7,   May 22, 09:30 AM

Sadie finds herself drawn to a drug-addicted "bad boy" with a criminal past. When her efforts to rehabilitate him fail, her addiction to this abusive and dangerous man threatens to end her career, her family, and her life.


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“I was with him for almost fifteen years. And then one day this one thing happened and I felt like something snapped inside of me. Like something died instantly. And I was like, I'm done.” - Sadie

“...he was very honest with me about his drug use and he had a pretty extensive, criminal history. And I felt like, because he was honest with me right away and he asked me to hold my judgment I felt like, I can do that.” - Sadie

“I went all in on this relationship. I thought he has the potential to be something really, really great. Something that I felt like only I could see. And I thought that I could help him get to that point, and other people were like, no, he's dangerous, he's a bad person.” - Sadie

“And then he sent me a text message and it said, you were smart to lock the door.  And I was like,  please just leave, please don't do anything. Will you please just leave? And he said, you let me in the house or I will rip the door off the house. Let me in or I will just tear this door off.” - Sadie

“I've had to, forgive myself, recognize, and this is a huge part of being a therapist too, is recognizing that I am a human, just like everyone else, and that I make mistakes just like everyone else, because people think, ‘Oh, a therapist, like you're supposed to have it all together, You're supposed to know how to do everything.'” - Sadie

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Keep Me Safe provides a safe and nurturing place for children to visit their non-custodial parents. We strive to provide a positive, healthy, and nurturing environment where children and their caregivers can be assured that supervised parenting time and exchanges will be conflict-free.

CADA’s (Committee Against Domestic Violence) mission is to provide safety and support to victims of domestic and sexual violence through education advocacy and shelter.

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