Net Revenue: A Possibility But Not Without a Major Shift in Mindset

May 23, 04:00 PM

We follow upon our video from yesterday looking at whether Net Revenue is a challenge to embrace of just another pipedream for hoteliers.

In today’s video we are joined again by Vassilis Syropoulos , Founder and CEO of Juyo Analytics, one of our Expert Partners

As with our videos last week looking at Total Revenue Management, in this discussion we ask for his thoughts on Net Revenue and some of the points made by Karin, Amrita and Jens insights

We ask what his opinion is on the adoption of net revenue across the hotel industry. We discuss the complexities faced when trying to embrace net revenue and we touch on the evolution of the commercial role, where the finance team fits in and the emerging role of chief intelligence officer.

NB: Juyo Analytics are one of our Expert Partners

Really hope you enjoy the conversation.

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