Key Witness Faces Intense Cross-Examination in Karen Read Murder Trial

May 24, 10:00 AM

Friends of the late Boston police officer John O'Keefe took the stand in Norfolk Superior Court Wednesday, offering emotional testimonies in the ongoing Karen Read murder trial. This came after key witness Jennifer McCabe endured a third day of grueling cross-examination.

The trial, centering on the death of O'Keefe, who was found unresponsive outside a Canton home on January 29, 2022, has seen dramatic developments, particularly surrounding McCabe’s involvement and testimony.

Defense attorney Alan Jackson's cross-examination of McCabe focused on alleged inconsistencies in her accounts and controversial Google searches made on her phone. Jackson presented data showing McCabe searched "how long to die in cold" hours before O'Keefe’s body was found. J

McCabe, visibly emotional, defended her actions, stating, "I did not make that search at that time. I never would have left John O'Keefe out in the cold to die because he was my friend that I loved." She claimed she was researching a basketball team for her daughter around that time and that the search for how long it takes someone to die in the cold was conducted later at Read’s request.  

Read, charged with second-degree murder, among other charges, has pleaded not guilty, with her defense team arguing that she is being framed. During cross-examination, McCabe was questioned about her relationship with state police investigators and conversations she had about the case in group chats. 
Following McCabe’s testimony, Kerry Roberts, Laura Sullivan, and Marietta Sullivan took the stand, each sharing emotional recounts of their interactions with O'Keefe and the events surrounding his death.

Roberts, one of O'Keefe's closest friends, described the frantic search for him, ending with Read discovering his snow-covered body. She recounted the panic and efforts to revive him, stating, "Read panicked and ran around the scene, asking if she hit him and whether he was dead."

The Sullivan sisters provided context to the relationships and tensions leading up to O'Keefe’s death, particularly an incident during a New Year’s trip to Aruba. Laura Sullivan recalled Read accusing O'Keefe of kissing her sister, causing apparent tension. 
As the trial progresses, the defense continues to challenge the credibility of the prosecution's witnesses, while the prosecution aims to solidify the timeline and motivations behind the tragic events. The case remains a focal point of public and media attention, with the court sessions revealing intricate details about the night of O'Keefe’s death and the complex relationships between those involved.
This case remains critical in understanding the complex interplay of relationships, alleged actions, and the tragic outcome that led to O'Keefe's untimely death.

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