Kac Young, The Rainbow Witch: Wise-Intuitive-Teacher-Creating-Happiness

May 24, 10:56 PM

"During the thirty years I have researched and studied magic, I have always been wary of the darker aspects of witchery. There is no longer a cause for alarm because we now have The Rainbow Witch, a practice centered in spiritual growth, magic and witchcraft which celebrates the positive side." - Kac Young

Bookmark this: Kac plans to offer courses and lessons to support students and others who are interested in becoming a Rainbow Witch. The intention is for those to be offered online later in the year [2024]. Date: TBD. Kac's enthusiasm for the next phase of this project is contagious. I'll update with a link when I know more.

The Rainbow Witch: Enhance Your Magic with the Secret Powers of Color (The Modern-Day Witch), Amazon Affiliate Link.

About the book: "Becoming a Rainbow Witch is a thrilling exploration into the world of wizardry, alchemy, and beyond. Rainbow witchcraft is compatible with all other modes of witchcraft except black magic and suitable for all levels of witches from beginners to advanced and for anyone curious about witches and magic."

Amazon Author Bio: Kac Young, PhD, is a Certified Archetypal Therapist and Counselor; a Certified Meditation Teacher; a career coach for aspiring actors and directors; a Medical Qigong teacher; and a former pilot of private airplanes. She has traveled the world extensively, studying with healers and shamans to understand the art of healing. She has a podcast on the first Wednesday of each month called The Art of Healing, and she has earned a PhD in Natural Health and a doctorate in naturopathy. To date, she has written twenty-seven self-help books, including Crystal Power: 12 Essential Crystals for Health and Healing.

*We touched on a topic briefly during the interview that deserves a better description. This video offers more information on the spiritual practice devoted to attaining 'The Rainbow Body'.
YouTube Link.

Spirit the Cat: My First Autobiography: From Street Life to the Sweet Life, Amazon.

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