Are These Disney Park "Essentials" Really Necessary for Your Next Disney Vacation?

May 26, 02:00 PM

The internet is full of Disney vacation hacks and items to make your time in the Disney Parks easier and more comfortable, especially with kiddos. But are these items making your vacation easier or just loading you down with more stuff? Here are the items from this Buzzfeed list we both agree could make your next Disney vacation not only easier but more comfortable!

A hat is a necessity. It keeps the sun off your face and when your hair is hot and sweaty and no longer curled to photo perfection (ladies, you know what I mean) it can still help you look put together and cute. If you don’t want to spend the extra money on a hat in the park, there are so many great choices on Etsy that will keep the sun off and be a subtle Disney nod to any outfit.

Blame COVID for society’s love for hand sanitizer, but we hate the feeling of sticky hands from all the yummy goodies we love to eat. Plus, in the summer vacation heat, it feels good to wash a little bit of the salty sweat off and feel a bit refreshed.

Okay, we can’t confirm that this stroller is as amazing as it looks. But we love a smaller stroller to pop on the back of the larger stroller so that if two or three of your littles get tired, there is an extra stroller to whip out when needed. The more compact, the better!

We have strong-willed, toddler runners in our family. We have used wrist leashes to help the kiddos who want to run but are too tiny to see in a crowd stay safe and content. But we love the idea of a cute backpack to store some snacks and toys in that has a leash hooked in as well. And this one has little dino spikes so it’s also like a baby cosplay!

When it’s hot and you are sweating a ton as you run from ride to ride, a shot of electrolytes is amazing to give your body a little boost. We haven’t had this brand specifically, but we swear by electrolytes to help keep dehydration at bay. And it can help the Disney Park water taste better too 😊

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