Fesshole: The Podcast is COMING SOON and this is the pre-trailer trailer

Episode 1,   May 28, 04:35 PM

People kept telling us to start a Fesshole podcast - and we finally listened! But we're giving away NOTHING here other than we're starting the Fesshole podcast and we want you to subscribe. So subscribe, ok?

Seriously, that's the point of this page, we could tell you a load of bollocks about what's in it, or we could have a few days of mystery where you can guess what's in it.

This is the golden moment where the podcast could be anything you could imagine.

Think of the best version of the Fesshole podcast, in your head, keep that thought, because it could be that, and you'd like that wouldn't you?

Subscribe now to the Fesshole podcast so that you're the first to hear the actual podcast when it comes out, because it's nice to be first at something in life isn't it?