Psychotherapist Shavaun Scott Reviews New Police Video Of Maddie Soto's Parents Reporting Her Missing

Jun 11, 05:00 PM

In the podcast episode "Hidden Killers With Tony Brueski," psychotherapist and author Shavaun Scott discusses the tragic case of Maddie Soto, a 13-year-old girl who was reported missing and later found dead. Her stepfather, Stephan Stearns, initially claimed he dropped her off at school, but contradictory evidence led to him being charged with her murder and multiple counts of sexual abuse based on material found on his phone. The episode features body cam footage of the initial report, showing the calm and unemotional demeanor of Maddie's mother, Jennifer Soto, and Stearns, which Scott finds suspicious. Scott and Brueski discuss the psychological aspects of the case, the justice system's focus on winning over truth, and the possible involvement of Jennifer Soto. The conversation raises questions about the lack of distress shown by Maddie's parents, the evidence found, and the potential outcomes of the case, including whether Stearns will plead guilty due to the overwhelming evidence against him.

Main Points
- Stephan Stearns is charged with the murder and sexual abuse of Maddie Soto.
- Body cam footage reveals the calm and unemotional demeanor of Jennifer Soto and Stephan Stearns during the initial missing person report.
- The lack of distress from Maddie's parents raises suspicion.
- Discussion on the justice system's focus on winning over uncovering the truth.
- Speculation on why Jennifer Soto hasn't been charged and her possible involvement.
- Analysis of the psychological aspects of the case, including potential enabling behavior by Jennifer Soto.
- Consideration of the potential trial and plea outcomes given the evidence against Stearns.
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