SBFC Bonus - Shea Butter Rewind Therapy Vol 2 - New York Chillin, Jersey Chillin , What More Can I Say? F*** LA, but We are Family with Pride!

Jun 12, 05:53 AM

SBFC Bonus - Shea Butter Rewind Therapy Vol 2 - New York Chillin Jersey Chillin , What More Can I Say? F*** LA, but We are Family with Pride!

Welcome to this Bonus Episode  of Shea Butter FC, a podcast by, for and about Black women in soccer! 
In this Episode, SkyE  drops volume 2 cultural series called Shea Butter Rewind Therapy, where people across the soccer space come together to relive their game day emotions and  feelings while tactically nerding out over soccer in a fun and therapeutic way.

 For Rewind Therapy Episode two,   SkyE connects with  Capo and Cloud 9 Support Group Legends Nat and Shea for a fun-filled reflection of the Gotham FC vs Angel City FC battle in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, NY/NY during Pride night. They talk about the line ups, game plans and action from both team perspectives. They relive various plays of the game from the perspective on the Capo stand! As they relive the Pride game day experience, Nat and Shea share the importance of representation as non-binary and transgender Capos and soccer supporters,  and share how they have found family as within the  Cloud 9 and Gotham FC community! We then slide into a very Pride vibing editions of Hits and Riffs with a sprinkle of Shea Butter Double Dutch, so you know it’s a wild ride, so come vibe!

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AFC's mission is to protect LGBTQ youths from the harms of homelessness and empower them with the tools needed to live independently.

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This episode features a picture of Crystal Dunn about to shoot the ball against Angel City FC during Gotham FC win on Pride Night as credited to NY/NJ Gotham FC.