Fake Veteran Plots Wife’s Murder With Motorcycle Gang?! The Death of April Kauffman

Jun 13, 04:15 PM

April Kauffman was described as part princess, part bulldog… She was beautiful, funny, charismatic, generous, incredibly philanthropic, and would stop at nothing to give back to the causes she believed in. One of the things she believed in most was helping Veterans. Her passion for helping Veterans is what drew her to Jim Kauffman, her third husband. But after 10 years of marriage, she wanted out. After finding out he lied about being a veteran and that he was running an illegal pill mill with a local motorcycle gang, April asked for a divorce. But rather than risk losing half of his net worth, Jim paid someone in that motorcycle gang to murder her. After years of her case going cold, her daughter pushed for justice and ultimately landed those responsible behind bars, thanks, in part, to a member of the gang who snitched.

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