Mark Duplass and Family on Portraying Real Life Discomforts of a Father-Daughter Relationship in Short Film Oh, Christmas Tree

Episode 344,   Jun 12, 09:26 PM

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Mark Duplass spoke with us Saturday side-by-side with wife Katie Aselton and daughter Ora Duplass at the Tribeca premiere of their new short film Oh, Christmas Tree. The short is a labor of love for these three, with Duplass playing Ben, the father of Ora’s character Claire, in her debut appearance on-screen. Aselton is also serving as director for the film, making this a true family affair.

The film navigates the story of a father and daughter at the end of a difficult year, facing the holiday season head-on, and trying to recreate their favorite Christmas traditions in spite of all they’ve been through. In this conversation, the trio reflects on their own personal bond as a family, and how that was translated on-screen.