John Meyer: AI Needs Resources! No Metals, No EV Cars!

Episode 2612,   Jun 15, 07:36 AM

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO John Meyer: AI Needs Resources! No Metals, No EV Cars! John Meyer Mining analyst and part at SP Angel discuess copper, gold and asks "What's the point in using AI to enhance things? If you haven't got anything to enhance? You still need the metals to build the cars to make, you know, if you wanna make a better car, you still gonna have the metals to make the car within the 1st place. So everybody has to come back to basics sooner or later. And, as we know, with the, you know, for example, with the copper market, nobody knows where all the copper is gonna come from in the next 10 years." Companies mentioned: Blencowe Resources #BRES Anglo Asian Mining #AAZ Arc Minerals #ARCM Kavango Resources #KAV Eurasia Mining #EUA Mkango Resources #MKA CHAPTERS 00:00 INTRO 00:38 Why Luxury good are discounted in China 04:34 Gold Chart 08:44 Copper Chart 16:22 Tesla 17:50 Blencowe Resources 20:20 Anglo Asian Mining 24:10 Arc Minerals 25:30 Kavango Resources 26:00 Eurasia Mining 28:50 Mkango Resources 30:20 You can tell we are in a bear market

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