Hey Friends with Anika Allen

Jun 17, 02:36 PM

This one was a fun show! Anika discusses the importance of building relationships and maintaining friendships with @fivestarfriendships and much more!!

Audiences are captivated by Anika from the moment she begins
to speak. The way she highlights the connection between friendship
and long-term happiness is unforgettable. Anika has consumed years
of research confirming how social connection improves physical, mental and emotional health.
She delivers mind-blowing data with exciting energy, humor and relatable personal stories.
Her life-saving friends have helped Anika through her darkest days and have cheered her on towards
her greatest victories! Many struggle to find their right tribe; the consequences of loneliness can be
life-threatening. It brings Anika immense joy to help people (young and old) discover a new level of
happiness… one friend at a time.
Anika has spoken at numerous events, been interviewed on several podcasts and has been a repeat
radio show guest as a friendship expert. Her information is applicable beyond traditional