Atomicon 2024: My top takeaways

Season 2, Episode 60,   Jun 23, 11:05 PM

Every year in Newcastle, there’s an annual sales and marketing event for small businesses called Atomicon - and this year, I went along to listen to some great speakers and learn more about building a successful business.

Rather brilliantly, I found that while much of the advice given was great for small business success, a lot of it was also applicable to writing success. 

In this week’s episode, you'll discover:

  • My top takeaways from each speaker I listened to - both for your business and the book you’re writing.
  • Why knocking down big dominoes in your business first is a far more efficient approach
  • Why it’s okay to be a hot mess in business and how it can help connect you with your audience
  • How a 90-day focus really could help you write your book more quickly than you ever anticipated

And LOTS more!

Going to Atomicon came from a place of FOMO last year - what doesn’t, these days? But for an introvert like me, it was also about pushing myself out of my comfort zone as much as it was going to listen and learn from fantastic speakers. 

Resilience was the key theme at this year’s event, and we all need it in spades—both in business and in writing!


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