Can we talk to the anonymous confessors who confess on Fesshole?

Episode 4,   Jun 25, 04:00 AM

Let's talk to the anonymous people who submit confessions to Fesshole.

One of things we thought worth doing when mucking around with a Fesshole podcast was the idea that it would be interesting to talk to the actual people doing the confessing.

When we said this people were "but how on earth you can do that, it's anonymous?"

Well the trick is we just ask on the social media account - have you confessed - would you like to chat to us some more and then see what happens.

We spoke to four people for this one - and in an idea totally lifted from the Graham Norton chat show, figured it would be also fun for them to speak to each other, so the format is each one talks to us directly whilst the others are muted on the Zoom call and then at the end, they can all talk to each other, like they're all on a big sofa.

That's the idea.

The reality? It was lovely to meet the fessholians and now you can meet them too.

Can't wait to do this format again.