Your Tough 20's Guide: Stop Forcing Friendships, Comparing Your Life, & Dating Mr. Wrong

Season 2, Episode 34,   Jun 24, 10:00 AM

One of my college besties is here to discuss the ADULTING truths - Cause your early 20s are HARD. She brings a different POV, having moved to Denver & now LA post college.

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- "My long distance boyfriend had dinner & a walk with a girl friend?"
- "I am walking on eggshells with a girl in my friend group from college... What do I do?"
- "I feel a friend group divide.. How do I know which friends to prioritize?"
- "How do I stop stressing and find balance between HAPPY & HEALTHY?"
- PRIDE MONTH LOVE: "I came out & my dad is taking down my pride flag..."

- Feeling lost & misunderstood
- Why we date the wrong people & have the wrong priorities
- Making the same mistake twice is human
- We care more than anyone else... SO STOP DOING THINGS TO PLEASE OTHERS

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