Internet marketing 5-a-day 2 July 2012

Jul 02, 2012, 04:00 PM, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England
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AnnMarieC - over 5 years ago

OK, if you are not going to tell what your fantastic internet computing degree is (LOL), let's try this one. In one of your earlier recordings you bang on about SEO, as though you know something about the subject. You focus on the title of the site, one thing you are right about, the title of the site is important. But when we look at the meta data of your own pile of doo doo.... what do we find: Home Page:

<title>Online marketing, UK | freelance marketeer UK | Freelance web developer</title>

Now what do you suppose is wrong with that John?

OK, given you absolutely do not know... otherwise you would never have been so daft.

Potentially, you can use up to 12 ish words. One good word being better than 11 bad ones. You repeat the words 'FREELANCE & UK' why?... that's not only so wrong!, it's silly and absolutely without focus. You need to drop the UK thing... Search Engines know where you are John (IP's etc etc). You have a contact page with your address on for peeps... come on... show some common sense here - get with the message!!!

You bang on about Google in one of your previous recordings... I have to tell you John, there is more to the web than Google, it's not that long ago another was the F1.

So, what do Google, Yahoo, Bing, Hotbot etc etc all do that you fail to do... that is very very very basic seo stuff? Answer: They ALL have the name of their business / trading name / name of site... in the title. WHY?: Because that is the right thing to do John!

Outed again John... banging on about SEO when you know nothing of the subject... giving advice, blind leading the blind eh?

Next thing is SEO: Meta Name Description: You haven't even got one: So as a kind offer, here's one knocked up to suit your skill set. Just wang it into the header of your badly designed home page and you are off to a good start with some truth.

<meta name="description" content="Blaggard with no knowledge of how the internet works offers badly informed bs about the web. Ignore this site, it's just plain garbage" />

Now if I was to just offer criticism with no example of what should be done... you could probably cry TROLL. But reading between the lines John, something is very obvious to anyone who wants to see.

But without any well deserved sarcasm for being a blagger - that you deserve, here's a proper and well written title I would advise, if you were actually good at your so called job:

<title>John Allsopp Website Design, SEO and Marketing Services, Scarborough, North Yorkshire</title> .... or similar... but always, ALWAYS have your trading name in the title.

Have you ever considered offering advice at something you know something about John, or did you just wake up one morning and think. Right, blagging... where do I start... Eureka! The web, there's lots of fools waiting to part with their cash there?

Come on John... tell us: Which degree and where. I'd like to ask them some questions about the quality of their degrees. What are they teaching etc etc.


AnnMarieC - over 5 years ago

No, we're in 'your a complete blagger territory' and you've been outed. Just tell: What's the degree and where did you get it? It's not difficult.

Or if that's complete hogwash. How about: Your most successful cash return internet marketing campaign. Name the clients - point to the campaign! Otherwise your'e as obvious as can possibly be. And I'll bet you duck that one too!


JohnAllsoppIM - over 5 years ago

Cool, I think we're in don't feed the trolls territory.


AnnMarieC - over 5 years ago

No, not in the USA, but I own a lot of .com's alongside their 2ld .uk's.

I've owned domains since before NomiNet were incorporated.

And John, you assuming most other so called 'ordinary people' know less than you is not only wrong and demonstrates again your lack of knowledge, it's also misplaced arrogance.

Most people know about the Whois, or DNS tools, ping and those that don't should be told about it, instead of blowing useless wind out of your backside, tell em something useful. Or did you not know that really?

What's the degree John, and where did you get it?

Tell or: { Else " John is not coooool =? John? Not an expert!

1. It's not a problem specific to the UK.
2. The obvious reason people don't put their contact details on their website is because they don't want direct contact, probably their personal site. The good policy only applies to Business sites.
3. Good advice is for people to not buy from websites they cannot trace back to the owner.

You: "They kind of think there's only America....." Weird if not xenophobic.

How do you know what American's think... did you get to know that down the pub from some bloke at the end of the bar with a 1000 yard stare - who used to be in the SAS? Did he give you your Degree?... or are we in the realms of fantasy John?


JohnAllsoppIM - over 5 years ago

(it certainly wasn't xenophobic, anyways).


JohnAllsoppIM - over 5 years ago

I'm speaking from a UK perspective, and what I was trying to put across is that the problem with not displaying any contact details is especially disconcerting if the domain is a .com because it's not tied to a country therefore, chances are, it's in the US.

I realise you can look up where websites are hosted, of course, I do it all the time. I'm talking about ordinary people having confidence in a website, and I'm simply reflecting one element (5) of the Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility.

Are you American or based in America?