DUP's Gregory Campbell says either move on entirely from the past or investigate ALL incidents


The police are to launch a murder investigation into the deaths of 13 people shot dead by soldiers in Londonderry on Bloody Sunday in 1972. The move comes after the PSNI and Public Prosecution Service reviewed the findings of the Saville inquiry, which said none of those killed was armed. The move has been welcome by relatives of the victims but what are the chances of convictions, given crucial evidence gathered by Lord Saville for his report is excluded from future investigations? And also how much will this new inquiry cost in an era of already stretched police resources?

The DUP's Gregory Campbell says picking and choosing incidents from the past to investigate will never work. #bbcnolan #gregorycampbell #bloodysunday

Jul 06, 2012, 08:24 AM, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
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