0170 Monk's Feet

Jul 06, 2012, 03:28 PM, Qinghai, China

Every morning before sunrise, the monk Hua Chi comes to this ancient monastery in Qinghai and, placing his feet in the same exact spot, he prostrates himself a few thousand times. So faithfully has he performed this Buddhist prayer ritual that he has made a lasting impression: two, in fact. Perfect impressions of his feet are imbedded in the polished wood floor. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, after death the spirit can ascend to nirvana or return for rebirth. Hua hopes his dedication will take him out of the reincarnation loop and send his spirit soaring heavenward. No matter what lofty heights his spirit eventually reaches, his feet will remain firmly planted on the ground. Or perhaps “in” the ground would be the more accurate statement. #hacker #tibet #ceas

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